Celebrate Your Golden Years

Why Us

At the outset, may we remind the viewer that Sanchari is completely different from the other senior citizen homes in and around Kolkata in several aspects.

1. To the best of our knowledge, this is the probably for the first time that the advocates of healthy ageing and promoters of a senior citizen home are co –residents in the same building as other residents and guests. Yes indeed, we are here to stay with you, for the rest of our lives, your partners in joy and sorrow…

2. Sanchari does not believe in filling up rooms with people for business. In fact at full occupancy, there will be only 27 residents with us. Our main objective is to spend these golden years happily in peace and joy, among a small coterie of friends. Hence we are looking forward to a select group of like-minded people and not a huge crowd with diverse interests. Sanchari believes in quality instead of quantity.

3. It is fortunate that among other professionals, we have a doctor as one of the founder-member of Sanchari who will be a co-resident and be there to care for the residents. Moreover, ambulance will be there in the campus 24x7 to tackle any emergency.

4. Sanchari believes in total transparency and we have an admission protocol that is fair and transparent.

5. Of a total land area of 14000 sq ft., only 2000 sq ft has been utilized in the construction, leaving almost 85% of the land to be landscaped in garden and walking areas, assuring us of a minimal carbon count.

6. The rooms have been very carefully thought of and designed to give you exclusivity, privacy and yet be inter connected. All rooms are South facing and with no hindrance around, natural light and fresh free flowing air are guaranteed.

7. Rooms are for residents and not residents for rooms. Should the need arise we can convert a type of room into a different type to honor your wishes and accommodate you, subject to discussion and financial approval from the management.

8. Lastly we operate on a "first come, first served" basis…the management has no role to play in the selection and distribution of rooms to residents. All applications are to be initiated online and can be personally tracked by logging in separately, making the application process very transparent.

These features make Sanchari unique; a place with no boundaries; the emphasis is on peaceful, healthy, and joyous ageing in an exquisite environment equipped with well- designed comfortable living facilities, it is a home like no other…

Happy Living Starts Here

"We promise you something that no one can match—personal care every moment of your stay, for we, the promoters and advocates of healthy ageing, are here to stay with you, by your side at all times, walking every step for the rest of our lives together..."