With increased life expectancy, we have a rising aged population. Yet, while the elderly are living longer, there is no evidence to prove that they are able to spend these extra years in good health. It is not just physical good health that we are talking about; a good health includes mental and spiritual well-being too, and these are very much compromised (often more than physical disease or disability) in the golden years.

Health (physical, mental and spiritual) is central to our experience of old age and poor health brings in misery for the elderly. Inadequate infrastructure, minimal emphasis on geriatric care, changing family structure, lack of social support and social inequalities make the experiences of the aged more complex; hence, these areas need our attention and retrospection.

Managing homecare for the elderly now – a- days is a challenging task. With the increase in the number of nuclear families, the pressure on the working children of aged parents have mounted; they find it difficult to take the responsibility of their parents’ well-being single-handedly. Moreover, the multiple service providers presently operating are small, unorganized players extending sub-optimal care and cannot cope up with the ever-increasing problem.

Add to that, a definite marginalization of this group whose social contribution at this age is almost nil and it is no wonder that the plight of the elderlies is worsening from day to day. Hence our lack of understanding the geriatric population, the morbidity of ageing and the ever-increasing gap in our care delivery system make their lives progressively miserable.

Our Mission

Wellness Olde foundation is a non-profitable organization that has been set up with these specific points in mind. Our mission is to work tirelessly in all these areas to promote better quality of life, that includes comprehensive physical, mental and spiritual well-being for the aged.

Our Vision

Our vision is to have an age-integrated society that promotes the concept of Healthy Ageing (WHO 2015). Healthy Ageing looks at the functional ability of the aged population to be at ease with their own selves and to do what they have reason to value. This ability is determined not just by the intrinsic capacity of the individual, but also by the physical and social environments they inhabit. Both these elements need to be incorporated within a societal action that brings about a radical change for the better.

Healthy Ageing For All